For wakes, funerals, tangi’s and memorial services, flowers can help say what we find difficult to express and serve a dual purpose – expressing sympathy, care, and love for the living, and symbolising grief, respect, and honor for the deceased. Flowers are symbolic, supportive, and consoling. They are your final tribute.

At the funeral Floral arrangements help soften a somber atmosphere, creating a backdrop of beauty, and conveying care and support. They also lead to conversation, providing a diversion for the bereaved, helping the family express their feelings, and aiding in the grieving process.

The immediate family sometimes arrange for roses or other single stem flowers to be placed on the casket at the graveside as a final farewell.

Whether you need help with the funeral flowers are want to send sympathy flowers, we can help you select an appropriate arrangement or give you some guidelines that can help you navigate the choices.

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